How Hurricane, Cyclone, Tornado and other natural disasters take different?

Dis na how Hurricane Irma look from space, as e begin near Puerto Rico Image copyright NASA/REUTERS
Image example Dis na how Hurricane Irma look from space, as e begin near Puerto Rico

Na just last week wey hurricane Harvey cause serious damage for Texas, now Irma don start im own.

Dis na hurricane season for countries wey dey di Atlantic region.

And you go don dey hear things like Storm, Tornado, Cyclone, Hurricane, Tsunami, etc etc.

So which one be which, and how dem take different?

  • Hurricane: type of storm wey get plenty-plenty rain plus strong wind. Sometimes sef thunder go follow join.
Image copyright AFP
Image example Hurricane wind
  • Tornado: air wey dey rotate with force from bottom of cloud come reach ground. Tornadoes dey very short and fit last reach one hour.
Image example Tournado no dey too last
  • Tropical storm: dey form on top tropical oceans, and move with strong force and heavy rainfall.
Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Tropical storm
  • Tropical cyclone fit be hurricane, typhoon, tropical storm or tropical depression depending on im location and strength.

How Hurricane dey get name

  • Tsunami na when big wave on top water start because earthquake happen for under water.
Image copyright Reuters
Image example Tsunami
  • Avanlanche na rush of snow for hill or mountain. Avalanche fit happen for any slope, e get im season and e get some areas wey e di happen well well.
Image copyright Tom Finnigan
Image example Avalanche for Peru
  • Mudslide na wen soil for area wey big, mix with water come begin flow very fast from one place to another.
Image copyright Getty Images
Image example People for street for Free Town after mudslide wey kill plenty people
  • Flash flood na dangerous kind of flood with heavy rain wey carry thunder. Things wey dey cause am na mudslide and when dam break.
Image copyright AFP
Image example Flash floods dey happen
  • Monsoon na wind from Asia wey dey bring heavy rain and dry weather, depending on di time of di year wen e come.
Image copyright AFP
Image example Monsoon season dey on for South East Asia
  • Storm na disturbance of atmosphere wey dey violent and e dey carry strong breeze, rain, thunder, lightning, or snow.

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