Hurricane Irma don land for Cuba as e dey go Florida

People put up shutters as they prepare the Actors' Playhouse at the Miracle Theatre for Hurricane Irma in Miami, Florida, 6 September Image copyright Getty Images
Image example For USA, businesses for Miami dey protect their building, as everybodi dey expect Hurricane Irma to land

Hurricane Irma don weak small even as e still dey run to enter America. Dis na as e don enter Cuba, scatter things there.

Di hurricane drop leg for Camaguey Archipelago, north-east of Cuba as category five storm, but e don drop small to category 4.

Bahamas escape am, as Irma change road for how e waka.

Dis na di first category five hurricane to jam Cuba in decades and although e don drop to four, e go climb again to five when e reach Florida.

Authorities for Florida dey comot millions of people from dia houses to prepare for di storm wey don already kill 21 people for di Caribbean.

Image copyright SAUL LOEB
Image example People don already dey comot from house as dem dey prepare for Hurricane Irma to land di United States of America

Head of US Federal Emergency Agency Brock Long bin sound warning say some part of di city no go get light for days and other states near am go experience serious damage when di hurricane land.

Although dem don downgrade Irma go category 4, experts dey warn say e still dey very dangerous.

Red Cross say Irma don affect like 1.2 million people so far, and dis number fit rise well-well reach 26 million.

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More hurricanes dey come?

US National Hurricane Centre say another storm wey be Jose, dey road.

Jose na category three hurricane, wey fit come with strong wind speed of up to 195km (120mph) per hour.

Hurricane Katia still dey, but dem call am category one storm, with wind of up to 140km per hour; warning don dey ground for di Mexican state of Veracruz, and di storm suppose land on Saturday.

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