Hurricane Irma: Millions no get light

Miami skyline as outer bands of Irma reach southern Florida. Photo: 9 September 2017 Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Hurricane Irma don already reach Miami, for Florida, USA

Na about 1.3 million homes and businesses na im no get electricity for Florida, USA, as Hurricane Irma dey waka through di south side.

Di tropical storm don cut light all over di state; di biggest power company wey bi Florida Power & Light talk for their website say e pass 1,306,000 of their customers wey no get light. Another company wey bi Keys Energy Services, also report today say na about 29,000 outages na im dem don see.

Meanwhile, e reach 6.3 million people wey suppose don evacuate di state, run go other places wey safe; but di governor say now e don too late for anyone wey still dey Florida, to run comot.

"You don put your own life inside your hand if you no gree run comot. Go shelter wey safe...di winds don dey come, and time no dey again," na wetin Florida Governor Rick Scott tell area people.

As e bi so, thousands of people no get electricity again.

Irma don already come with heavy rain wey don make water level dey rise for Florida - na dis same Tropical storm just waka pass up to nine Caribbean Islands, destroy everywhere, still kill at least 24 people join.

Governor Scott say up to 50,000 people don hear im word, begin enter shelter, while media reports bi say shelters for some areas don too full, sotay dem refuse to let more people enter.

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Image example Shelters don dey full for Floria, as people dey line up, to get inside

Wetin dey happen for Florida?

Irma don already begin affect south Florida, and central Miami don dey chop heavy rain.

Di Florida Keys area don suffer damage, and di next few hours go dey critical for anybodi wey still remain there.

How Hurricane dey get name

"No safe area dey inside di Keys," na wetin di head of US emergencies agency Fema wey be Brock Long, tell local media.

Dem say na di Gulf coast na im di tropical storm fit affect most, including cities like Tampa and St Petersburg.

Dis Tampa Bay area get population of about three million, and dem never see major hurricane since 1921.

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