Hurricane Irma: Florida don feel di force

Motor wey dey try drive pass palm tree wen fall Image copyright Getty Images

Hurricane Irma land for Marco Island wey dey off Florida west coast with winds wey dey up to 120mph (192km/h).

But im power don reduce from category three to two.

More than 3.4 million homes for di state no get light, and parts of di city of Miami dey under water.

Three person na im dem report say don die from di heavy storm as e dey move go north side.

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Image example One car wey owner abandon as Hurricane Irma come with full force for North Fort Lauderdale Beach Boulevard

Hurricane Irma don already scatter things for parts of di Caribbean and kill at least 28 people.

Dey don tell about 6.3 million people for inside Florida make dem pack comot from dia place.

President Donald Trump don give im approval for 'Big Disaster Declaration and Emergency' federal aid for Florida.

Im talk say dis Hurricane na "big monster" and im go visit di state very soon.

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Image example Damage wey happen for Havana from Hurricane Irma

Which other areas Hurricane Irma don already affect?

Irma wey be di most powerful Atlantic storm for almost ten years don scatter things for different Caribbean islands:

Cuba: Authorities for Cuba say di storm don damage plenty things but no report about anybody wey die. Light no dey for di capital, Havana.

St Martin and St Barthelemy: Dis place na one island wey France and Netherlands dey share. Six out of 10 houses wey dey St Martin na im di storm don scatter sotey people no fit stay inside again.

Turks and Caicos Islands: Di damage dey widespread, although dem never know as e bad reach.

Barbuda: For dis small island, dem say people no go fit stay dia like before. Di storm damage 95% of di buildings. One person na im dem confirm say die.

Anguilla: Serious damage happen here and na one person dem confirm say die.

Puerto Rico: E pass 6,000 people wey dey live for dis US territory wey dia houses no get light. At least three people na im dem say die.

British Virgin Islands: Di storm scatter plenty-plenty things for here, and five people die.

US Virgin Islands: Serious damage na im happen to di things for dis area, four people na im dem confirm say die.

Haiti and the Dominican Republic: Di storm worry di two areas, but di damage no reach as people first fear say e for be.

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