Wetin be future of photography for Nigeria?

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For dis era of unemployment for Nigeria, young people dey find different ways wey dem go fit create work for dem selves make money.

Many of dem don leave wetin dem read for university dey try different handwork including snapping photo.

Photographers wey dey operate for different levels inside Nigeria chook eye for different matters wey concern dem and how e dey affect their progress for di industry.

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Photo no be tomatoes - Kelechi Amadi Obi

Future of photography for Nigeria big no be small. E get many many areas wey people never even begin to enter for di industry.

Photography business na business wey get plenty money inside and different people enter di industry for different reasons.

Some enter to find money, others dey do am just because dem like to snap picture.

Kelechi Amadi Obi say, future of photographers dey very bright because with internet, people need plenty plenty photo for different social media platforms.

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Social media don make snapping photo popular for young people

Dis one mean say opportunity plenty no be small.

But he say one wahala be say plenty "people dey chase belle, dey no dey chase their passion." All dis one make am difficult for di industry to get standard.

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Na big industry - Emmanuel Oyeleke

Emmanuel Oyeleke na another big photographer, him say Nigeria never dey shine for different areas of photography because society never dey see photography as correct work.

He say most times people dey see photographers as hungry people wey no get better things to do with dem selves.