Photographer don win fight for 'monkey selfie'

Monkey, Naruto di macaque

Wia dis foto come from, Wildlife Personalities/David J Slater

Wetin we call dis foto,

PETA bin claim say di monkey na female but Slater talk say na male monkey.

After two years, court don finally announce photographer, David Slater as di owner of "monkey selfie" picture.

Trouble start for 2011 after one monkey wey dem dey call Naruto di macaque snap imself inside one jungle for Indonesia with David Slater camera.

Slater bin tell BBC say im bin make £2,000 from di photo before Wikipedia come publish am for dia site for anybody wey want am, free of charge.

Di website say no be him get di picture because na di monkey snap imsef. Slater come dey insist say na im set di camera on top tripod after im don already pally with di monkeys for three days inside di jungle.

Slater tell Wikipedia say make dem pay am for di picture or comot am from dia website but di website no give am face.

One animal rights campaign group wey dem dey call People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) na dem carry di case go court for 2015, say na di monkey suppose get di ownership of di picture.

Wia dis foto come from, David J Slater

Wetin we call dis foto,

Slater say e take am three days to pally with di monkey dem before im feel say di monkey go fit snap diasef with im camera.

Now, US judges don announce dia ruling say animal no fit get copyright protection but PETA still say at least make di animal benefit from di money wey Slater make from sales of di photo.

Di court dismiss PETA appeal but Slater don agree say from now im go donate 25% of any money wey im make from di picture.

Inside one joint statement from PETA and Slater, e say di photographer go give one quarter of di money wey im make from sales of di monkey selfie to registered charities "wey go protect di wellbeing of Naruto and di place wey e dey stay".

Di case wey dem list as "Naruto V David Slater" don make people dey reason di need to dey give animals legal rights.