Sweden fit be first country wey people no dey collect cash

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Wia dis foto come from, Steve Buissinne

While Africa still dey think how best e wan take begin im journey to become cashless society, Sweden na di most cashless country for dis planet now.

Different African countries dey deal with di idea of cashless in different ways. With economy wey don almost die for Zimbabwe and scarcity of paper money di country don dey do cashless transactions by force.

Though e still dey far before South Africa fit become cashless country, di country people dey try well with di different payment apps. Dis one mean say di country fit become cashless very soon.

For Nigeria, government don put different kinds of policies for ground to make sure say dem discourage people wey too like to use cash. Many Nigerians never too comfortable with moving without cash.

Other African countries still dey different stages of growth.

Why Sweden nearly become cashless society

For one year now, people wey dey use coins and paper money no reach one percent of all di people for di country.

Once you enter Sweden, one very common thing wey you go see na sign boards with light wey say, "we no dey collect cash."

Victory Nilsson, wey be manager of one bakery wey get sixteen branches for di city of Stockholm say, "dey wan reduce risk so dat arm robbers no go attack dem. Also, e dey quicker pass when customers pay with cash."

He say people no mind am at all, in fact dem love to use card for Stockholm.

Sweden central bank, Riksbank, say for di whole country now, payments for cash no reach 20% inside super markets. dis na half of di number wey use cash five years ago.

Wetin we call dis foto,

Senobar Johnsen, one of di bakery customers say e dey very obvious say people prefer card pass cash.

For many years now dem don ban use of coins for inside bus because unions complain say drivers no dey safe.

Small businesses sef don join too. Dem dey use home-grown technologies like iZettle wey be start-up first mobile credit reader.

Those kain small-small technology dey help traders and even people wey no get roof over their head to fit use card do payment.