Hurricane Irma: Macron don finally show for Caribbean

French President Emmanuel Macron comot for helicopter wey bring am

Wia dis foto come from, AFP

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Na 10 people Hurricane Irma kill for French island Saint Barthélémy, wey President Emmanuel Macron dey visit

"Dis go be one of the biggest airlift since World War Two finish"

French President, Emmanuel Macron, talk dis one as im land for French island, Saint Barthélémy, wey Hurricane Irma scatter.

Countries for Europe dey increase help for their Caribbean territories after people don yab dem say dem no do well at all.

Macron say more planes dey carry plenty more aid come.

E reach like 23 people wey Irma kill for di three Caribbean territories wey belong to France, UK and Netherlands.

Macron say di kain hurricane wey happen for there, eye never see am before and e come difficult to quickly help people because of the second hurricane Jose wey dey follow Irma.

Im also promise say di Caribbean islands go be like new because more troops and supplies dey come to help people.

Wia dis foto come from, AFP

Wetin we call dis foto,

Many people still dey wonder how life go be for Tortola, wey be one of the British Virgin Islands for di Caribbean

People don accuse di French president say im no do enough to help their citizens wey di hurricane affect. United Kingdom government sef enter di same yab.

UK Foreign Minister, Boris Johnson, go soon visit di Caribbean and Dutch King Willem-Alexander don already spent one night for there.