White House don get new Communications Director

Hope Hicks

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Hope Hicks na former fashion model wey dey work with President Donald Trump daughter, Ivanka

Hope Hicks wey bi Acting White House Communications Director don get upgrade after White House confirm say dem don permanent am for di job.

Hope wey be 28 years old, don work with Donald Trump tey-tey. She go be di fourth person wey go wear di communications director cap after White House sack Anthony Scaramucci for July after im do di job for only 10 days.

She no be learner like that for this kind position. During di US presidential campaign for 2016, Hope na di strategic communications director and campaign press secretary for Donald Trump.

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Hope Hicks na one of the few people wey Donald Trump and im family trust

As di White House communications director she go dey in-charge of di tori wey White House go generate about di work dem dey do.

Hope no go too show herself because na di engine room she go dey, unlike Sarah Huckabee Sanders wey bi di press secretary.

Hope wey bi former fashion model, get dis job after plenty staff don come and go for White House.

Wia dis foto come from, AFP

Wetin we call dis foto,

Hope Hicks na di latest to land for Trump government

Donald Trump door:


  • Mike Dubke, di first communications director resign for May.
  • Sean Spicer wey be White House talk-talk person and acting communications director resign for mid-July after White House give Mr Anthony Scaramucci di communications job.
  • White House sack Mr Scaramucci after im abuse im own colleagues for interview with journalist for July after only 10 days for di job.
  • Reince Priebus wey be chief of staff to President Trump also comot July ending after Scaramucci enter di White House.


  • General John Kelly, wey replace Mr Preibus as White House chief of staff.