How Lady Gaga dey fight sickness

Lady gaga talk say her new documentary go focus on her battle with di sickness.

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Wetin we call dis foto,

Lady Gaga talk say her new documentary go focus on di battle wey she fight with Fibromyalgia.

Lady Gaga don reveal say she get fibromyalgia, dis one na condition wey dey cause serious pain all over di body.

Di singer give dis announcement for Twitter and also confirm say she go talk about di sickness for di latest documentary wey she dey do.

Lady gaga tweet say:

"I wish to help people know everything about dis sickness and connect people wey get am. We go fit share wetin go help or hurt."

Lady Gaga first talk about living with serious pain for 2013 but dis na di first time wey she let people know di cause.

Wia dis foto come from, Lady Gaga twitter handle

Wetin we call dis foto,

Lady Gaga say she want make people know more about di sickness.

Di Musician wey be 31-year-old appear for Toronto Film Festival and showcase di documentary, wey dem title Gaga: Five Foot Two. Di film go come out for Netflix on 22 September.

Di tweet wey she tweet come out, make others and her fans dey share dia own stories.

Wia dis foto come from, Lady Gaga twitter handle

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Di singer don dey try different ways to manage di condition.

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Other people wey dey experience di condition share how dem take dey manage am.

According to di United Kingdom National Health Service (NHS), people with fibromyalgia fit also experience stiffness for dia muscle and dem dey find am hard to sleep.

People wey dey experience dis sickness fit also get problem with dia memory and no fit dey concentrate well.

Dis sickness dey affect many women pass men, although e no get cure for now, but treatments dey wey go help relieve some of di symptoms.

Before-before, Lady Gaga don share some of di ways wey she don use take manage di condition.

Wetin Dey Cause Fibromyalgia

Dey never know wetin dey really cause fibromyalgia and e no dey clear why some people dey develop am. But according to di NHS for UK, some of di things wey fit cause am include:

Abnormal pain messages

One of di main theory be say people with fibromyalgia develop changes for di way di central nervous system processes di pain messages around di body. Dis one fit be changes to chemicals for di nervous system.

Di central nervous system (wey be brain, spinal cord and nerves) na im dey send information all over di body

Chemical imbalances

Research don find out say people with fibromyalgia get low level of di hormones serotonin, noradrenaline and dopamine for dia brains. Dis hormones dey important to control things like mood, appetite, sleep, behaviour and di way person dey to stress.

Other things wey fit cause am na stressful event, wey include physical or emotional (psychological) stress.