Suu Kyi dey blame everybody

Plenty Rohingya Muslim dey run comot Myanmar go Bangladesh and even Malaysia.

Dem say government dey do 'ethnic cleansing.'

United Nations sef don talk say di government dey attack di Rohingya Muslims dem.

But Myanmar leader, Ms Aung San Suu Kyi don say fight-fight dey happen for both sides.

As e be now, some people don dey sign petition say make dem remove di Nobel Peace Prize wey she get.

Who be Aung San Suu Kyi?

  • She be daughter of Myanmar independence hero, General Aung San.
  • She open mouth about military power for di country for 1988.
  • Dem put her for house arrest for six years till July 1995 because she dey talk human rights matter.
  • She become leader of Myanmar for April 2016
  • Some world leaders don dey talk say she don do u-turn as she no dey support human rights matter as before.