India rape: No be di uncle get di pickin

small girl wey dey look outside from window

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Wetin we call dis foto,

Rape of small pickin dem wey be girl dey happen for India

Police for India don start fresh investigation on top who give ten-year-old girl belle, after DNA test show say no be her uncle wey she bin accuse, get di pickin.

Di girl born her own baby girl last month, after India Supreme Court no allow her comot di pregnancy. She and her parents bin talk say na her uncle say na im rape di girl.

Di uncle still for jail, dey wait for trial.

Now wey DNA test wey dem do for di new baby no match with di uncle own, authorities dem dey wonder whether other men don dey rape di girl.

Di uncle wey dey like 40-something years old, go face di law for special court wey dey deal with crimes against children. Im never talk anything about di matter till now.

Di girl Papa don tell BBC before say di uncle no deny say im touch di girl, while di girl Mama say dem no think say any other person near di girl.

Police sef say di uncle don confess say im rape di girl.

But with dis new DNA result, police dey scratch their head.

On Tuesday, police and counsellors go back to di family, to talk again to di girl wey just born.

One senior police official don tell BBC Punjabi say dem go check forensic tests again, to make sure say dem no make mistake for di DNA report.

Di family of di girl first find out say she don carry belle when she complain say stomach dey pain her, and dem come carry her go hospital.