Type 2 diabetes test fit work for Africans?

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Wia dis foto come from, NOAH SEELAM

New report talk say di method wey dem dey use to test for type 2 diabetes fit no dey give di correct result for Africans.

According to one international study wey dem publish for PLOS Medicine on 12 September, people wey get Africa blood fit no dey get di correct result when dem do type 2 diabetes test.

Recently, World Health Organisation say make doctors dey use A1c method dey take check blood sugar level.

Dis A1c test dey measure sugar wey join im self with haemoglobin inside red blood cell. E dey measure average of how much sugar dey person body for past three months.

Kidney specialist, Dr. Anthony Bleyer, wey dey for Wake Forest School of Medicine for North Carolina, United States, no dey among di people wey do di test, but im say di test dey vey powerful.

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But di thing be say, most of di experiment wey dem don do on top dis method na oyibo people body.

Difference dey between European and African genetics. for dis reason, A1c measurement different between oyibo and Africans. Africans own high pass.

About 10 percent of people wey get Africa blood dey carry sickle cell for body. Only say, na when person get two copies of sickle cell for im body na im di sickness dey show.

But di matter be say people wey get sickle cell for body, their haemoglobin dey different.

Dis mean say doctors suppose shine their eyes as dem dey treat people with Africa blood.