Research say women fit comot mind from sex pass men

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Lack of communication as couples dey 'do di do' na one of main reasons why sex dey tire both men and women.

One research wey British Sexual Attitudes do don see say sex fit tire women wey dey live with dia partner pass times two as e fit tire men.

Di study show say even though men dey comot dia mind from sex as dem dey old, na relationship wey dey old pass one year dey make sex tire women most times.

All in all, both man and woman fit no like sex too much again if dem no dey healthy and if di couple no dey close again.

Na di experience of almost 5,000 men and 6,700 women dem use do di research.

As e be so, di study na for UK e happen so African men and women fit behave different.

Di UK researchers talk say make people no use medicine as di first solution but instead, make doctors check di person well-well.

Sex doctor, Ammanda Major talk say e dey normal for sex to tire person and plenty reasons dey wey fit cause am for both man and woman.

"E get some people wey be say na just normal stage dem dey pass through for dia life and for other people, e dey cause pain and frustration", Major talk.

Out of everybody wey di researchers survey, 15 percent of men and 34 percent of women talk say sex no hungry dem for three months last year.

For di men, sex dey tire mostly di ones wey don reach 35-44 years while for women, na from di age of 55-65 years e dey tire pass.

But di researchers say no proof dey wey show say menopause na one of di reasons wey dey make hungry for sex no dey catch women again.

Dem still see say sex no go too dey sweet women wey get small small pikin for house.

Poor health both for mind and bodi, no closeness and lack of communication as dem dey 'do di do' na di main things wey dey make sex tire couples.

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5 things wey couples fit do to begin enjoy sex again

  • Start to dey discuss di issue immediately e start instead of to dey overlook am because e fit make couples hate diasef. If dat one no work, address di reason why una two no wan discuss di issue.
  • Try to dey show love with other methods like dey hold hands, dey talk with soft voice, dey romance each other instead of to just start di sex action sharp sharp.
  • Dey respect your partner and show am say dem dey important.
  • Go see sex doctor or relationship counsellor.
  • Cool your mind down because sometimes, relationships dey even work well-well if sex no dey inside - dat na if di couple agree say no sex go dey.