Liberia: Why candidates dey pull out?

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Liberia 2017 election dey happen on 10 of October

Di third presidential candidate for Liberia write letter give National Elections Commission (NEC) say im too no wan contest again.

Reverend Kennedy Sandy, di presidential candidate of Liberia Transformation Party (LTP) na di third candidate wey now say im no do again.

He write to NEC say, im wan comot because e don tey wey im do politics since im work with Constitution Review Committee almost two years ago.

Di other two na independent candidate Carlton Boah and, di only woman for di race, Madam Macdella Cooper of Liberia Restoration Party (LRP).

Madam Cooper party Executive Committee say dem no go support her again to become president.

Mr Boah na di first candidate wey withdraw after im been get some technical palava with NEC during nomination process.

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NEC say Section 3.19 of Election Law no go allow dem do any changes unless na Supreme Court talk so

Di thing wey no clear na, why all these candidates dey withdraw?

For Rev. Sandy matter, NEC say im request to comot for di election no go possible at all because im no talk on time and di commission don dey print ballot papers.

Jerome Korkoya, wey be Chairman of the NEC say "according to election law, to withdraw no dey possible by dis time because of section 4.7 (a) dem don notify di candidate accordingly."

Each person dey get different reason. But all di same, di way wey dem dey leave as election don near so, dey make people wonder wetin dey make candidates leave for Liberia 2017 elections?