Calvin Klein's new sweater no get front and back

Model dey wear di new sweater wey designer Calvin Klein do Image copyright SSENSE

Fashion get as e be. Sometimes, you go carry yourself go tailor do new cloth, another time you fit go market go buy wetin you see.

Designers fit make cloth wey be only nylon and e fit cost well-well. Another designer fit do something wey you no even expect at all.

Na so e be for di new sweater wey American designer Calvin Klein do.

Di new sweater only cover di hands but the front and back dey transparent - na im be say you go fit see di chest and back of di person wey wear am.

Image copyright SSENSE
Image example Di sweater don already sell finish online

Di 'Multicolor Wool Cheerleader Sweater' go cost like $2,000.

E never sure if di sweater fit help if cold dey catch person or na just to show yourself.

But as things dey for fashion, e be like say cloth wey go show di body small don turn trend.

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