Di 17yr old boy wey build im own phone

Mo dey create di phone along with e co-founder, 25-year-old Fahd Alhattab
Wetin we call dis foto,

Mo dey create di phone along with co-founder, 25-year-old Fahd Alhattab

According to one popular phrase for pidgin, "any way na way". Dis na how e be for one 17-years old boy wey make smart phone from scratch by imself because e mama no gree buy am phone.

Mo Omer na im be di boy name and e come from Canada. E dey call himself "tech nerd".

E follow BBC talk say di phone get finger protection for di front wey you no go see for some phones and im wan sell di phone for about 180 dollars (133 pounds).

According to Mo Omer, "di phone get everything wey you go find inside normal phone. Di thing be say, e no cost like di other phone dem."

E talk say wetin make am build di phone na after e mama wey come from Somalia talk say she no go fit buy am smart phone because di money to buy am no dey.

Di teenager talk say phones no be device wey dey hard to do like that.

E say some people from parts of Africa get interest for di phone wey e make.

"We don get offers from Nigeria and Algeria and also for plenty other places. Di phone market dey grow fast-fast and we go like to enter inside."