Wetin United Nations General Assembly be?

UN General Assembly, di Secretary General Antonio Antonio Guterres dey address world leaders

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Wetin we call dis foto,

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres dey address world leaders for General Assembly,

Almost everybody don hear of United Nations. People wey bin start am dream say e go make di world become better and peaceful place.

Since then, world leaders dey gather for New York, United States every year for di United Nations General Assembly.

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Wetin we call dis foto,

Nigeria President Buhari dey New York for di 72nd UN General Assembly

Every September na when di opening session of United Nations General Assembly dey take place and e don turn to stage where presidents and prime ministers dey give speech.

People don criticize di yearly event say na mere talk talk show.

As e be, na for dia dem dey discuss world peace and oda issue dem wey fit threaten di world.

Di rule be say, small and very big country dem, rich and poor country too get equal voice for inside di Assembly.

Each country get one vote to take decide any matter wey di Assembly go discuss. But di real power dey somewhere else.

Di five permanent members inside di Security Council get mouth pass for di United Nations. Dem bi United States, Britain, China, France and Russia.

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Wetin we call dis foto,

Na UN General Secretary General Antonio Guterres

Right now people dey ask whether:

  • UN go fit punish country wey dey disobey human right law?
  • Dem go fit find ways to end wetin fit cause war today?
  • United Nations fit beg country dem to come up with new ways to handle di new reality of plenty people wey dey travel go other country dem?
  • Di Head of United Nations go fit make country dem to keep their promise to reduce and control carbon emissions - and help those wey dey suffer from climate change palava?
  • Dem go fit even achieve di original mandate wey make dem form di UN, wey be to to make di world a better, more peaceful place?