Jogging woman wey dey always poo-poo for somebody dormot

Woman poo-poo jogger for Colorado, US Image copyright KKTV
Image example Di city police department say di woman behaviour "no normal"

Police for Colorado, United States, dey find one mystery jogger, wey dem don give di name "Mad Pooper", wey dey always go poo-poo outside di house of one family.

Cathy Budde, di madam wey dey live for di house, say di woman don do am for di front of her property like seven times for di weeks wey just pass, even though public toilet no far from her house.

She say her pickin dem catch di jogger as she bend down dey poo-poo in front of her house for Colorado Springs.

Di police department for di city say dis kind behaviour dey "very strange".

Lt Howard Black tell di BBC say dem fit charge di suspect for law in di city wey ban anyone to poo-poo and piss outside.

"I never see dis kind thing for di 35 years wen I dey work as police," he been talk.

He say di cause fit be mental problem.

Mrs Budde tell KKTV, wey bi news station for di city say, she confront di woman.

"So I come outside to face di woman, I ask am 'You dey serious? You dey poo-poo in front of all my pickin?' She say, 'Yes, sorry!'

"I come reason am say shame suppose don catch dis woman, say she go find nylon bag to come pack am comot, and she no go show again. But na lie"

Mrs Budde say: "Two other times when we catch am - we catch am yesterday - she change di time when she dey show because she know say I go dey wait am".

"I put sign for di wall where I write 'Abeg, na beg I dey beg you, stop am."

But still di woman, anytime when im wan poo-poo, go jog go di family house of Budde dem, come do am outside.

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