Man wey save di world from nuclear war don die

Stanislav Petrov die for e house wey dey inside Moscow for May but na now dem let people know about e death.
Image example Stanislav Petrov

Stanislav Petrov na im dey on duty for one Russia nuclear early warning centre for 1983 wen computer do mistake give signal say missiles dey come from United State of America.

E take di decision to report say na false alarm and e no report to im superiors. Dis actions wey e take, make nuclear war no happen and na years later di whole world come know di big thing wey e do.

During one interview with BBC for 2013, Petrov talk how e take receive di computer message wey for cause di war for early morning of 26 September 1983.

"I get all di information (wey suggest say missile attack dey go on). If to say I send my report go give di oga dem on top, nobody for say anything against dat report."

"All I need to do na to collect phone, call di direct line of our top commanders - but I no do am. I feel like say I siddon for hot frying pan."

According to di training wey dem give Petrov, im suppose contact di Soviet military sharp-sharp as e see dat message. Instead im call di duty officer wey dey army headquarters and report say di computer no dey work well.

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Image example Di Soviet Union and di US get nuclear bomb wey dem point for each other during di Cold War

If to say e dey wrong, di first nuclear blasts for happen minutes later.

Petrov talk say "twenty-three minutes later I notice say nothing don happen. If to say real attack dey, then I for already know about am. E just be like dem carry heavy load from my body."

One investigation wey dem do later find out say Soviet satellites do big mistake to identify sunlight wey dey reflect for cloud as di engines of intercontinental ballistic missiles.

Petrov, wey retire with di rank of lieutenant colonel, die for e house wey dey inside Moscow on di 19 of May 2017 but news about e death come out only dis month.

German film-maker Karl Schumacher, wey first make everybody know about Petrov story, call for telephone to wish am happy birthday on 7 September, only for e son-Dmitry Petrov to tell Schumacher say im papa don die.

Mr Schumacher announce di death for online and na so tori people begin put am for news.

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