Mexico earthquake: People wey die don reach 226

Rescuers dey help clear building wey collapse Image copyright AFP
Image example Many people still dey trap under building wey collapse

E don reach over 226 people wey don die for di earthquake wey happen for Mexico.

Plenty buildings na im destroy when di 7.1 magnitude quake shake ground, including for one school where many children die.

Image copyright AFP
Image example Ordinary people plus emergency workers na im join hand to dey search for survivors

Na areas like Morelos, Puebla and Mexico state wey di thing happen pass.

Earthquake dey happen for Mexico well-well and even early this month, another one happen wey kill reach 90 people.

Image copyright AFP
Image example Even some people climb on top dirty to find people wey still dey alive under buildings

For dis latest one wey happen:

  • E reach like 55 people wey die for Morelos state, wey dey south of di capital.
  • Tori talk say 39 die for Puebla state.
  • 117 die for Mexico City.
  • 12 people die for Mexico state
  • Na 3 wey di earthquake kill for Guerrero.
Image copyright AFP
Image example E reach 20 children wey die when one building collapse for Enrique Rebsamen school wey dey for Mexico City's southern Coapa district.

How di people wey survive dey manage?

Two million people for di capital no get light again and underground wire wey dey connect phone for house don cut.

Authorities don warn say make nobody smoke for street because pipes wey dey carry gas enter people house fit don bust.

Image copyright Reuters
Image example Na only one week pass wey another earthquake kill 90 people

Mexico City Mayor, Miguel Angel Mancera, talk for TV network Televisa say rescue people dey work for 44 locations to help remove people wey collapsed buildings fit don trap under.

Mexico President, President Enrique Peña Nieto say im don declare emergency for areas wey di earthquake affect and don order military to join help rescue people.

Him say "We fit still find people under di buildings wey collapse".

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