Police dey find who flush money for toilet

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Government lawyers for Geneva, Switzerland don dey investigate, after dem find out say toilets for bank and three restaurants don block with $100,000.

"We no dey interested in why dem do am, but we wan dey sure of di origin of di money," spokesman Vincent Derouand say.

Dem say dis na because to troway money or to block toilet no be crime.

Mr Derouand say two people don agree to pay di restaurants for di cost of di blockage, and di restaurant don withdraw di complaint wey dem bin make.

Authorities seize di cash during their investigation, and e no dey clear who go get am if e dey lawful.

Mr Derouand still say reason no dey, to think say na illegal money.

Na last year di European Central Bank say dem don decide to discontinue di 500-euro note because of concern say dem dey use am too much for illegal activities like money laundering.

Dis high-value euro notes suppose no dey for circulation by 2018. People fit still use di notes to buy and sell something, but di European Central Bank go stop to print dem, after European Commission do inquiry into how people dey use di 500 Euro notes dem.