New visa rules for people wey wan go America

International passport on top US Immigration visa application

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US na one country wey people dey like travel go

US State Department don give people wey dey work as immigration and consular workers new reasons to deny visitors wey wan enter United States or pursue those wey already dey dia comot.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson tell American embassy around di world say before visitors wey suppose get visa go enter United States di embassy must know at least three months plans wey di visitors get.

Di new rule be say if for di three months plan wey di visitors get dem fail or forget to mention something for di interview with di consular official - something like to marry American person, go school or get work - di embassy go take am say na lie di visitor wey apply dey talk.

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America Statue of Liberty

Wetin e Mean?

If dis kind thing happen, di person wey apply for visa fit no get di visa again, and if dat person dey inside United States di authority dia fit ban di person from America.

Even change of plan wey di person get afta three months fit bring wahala, according to di message di Secretary of State send.

Under di former rules, if person change plans di embassy go take am say di person make mistake only for di first month after e arrive United States.

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Muslim men wey dey protest for JFK airport for February 2017 because of President Trump visa ban

Who e go affect?

Di new rule go affect most people from di Middle East, Africa and plenty country dem for Asia where dem need visa before dem fit enter America.

But dis new rule no go affect citizen dem for 38 countries - including most of Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Japan - dis na country dem wey no even need visa to enter America.

Travellers from six Muslim countries wey America don ban since June 2017, dia matter separate since e be say dem no fit get visa.