US go "totally destroy" North Korea - President Trump

President Donald Trump dey address di 72nd session of di United Nations General Assembly September 19, 2017 Image copyright Getty Images
Image example President Donald Trump as im dey address di UN.

President Donald Trump give him first speech to United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday and na Iran and North Korea im carry for mind take start.

"Rogue government dem wey send representative for here no dey only support terrorists, but dem dey threaten other country dem and dia own people with killer weapons wey human beings never see before."

Trump attack di government of North Korea, (wey UN don already ban) im come talk about di America person wey die after North Korea capture am.

Im even talk say na North Korea kill Kim Jong Un brother.

Di US president warn say im country go "totally destroy" North Korea if dem force America with dia threat and nuclear program.

Image copyright Getty Images
Image example US President Donald Trump dey give im first speech for di 72nd session of di United Nations General Assembly September 19, 2017

Wetin else Trump tell UN General Assembly?

Trump speech focus on top terrorism and nuclear power of country dem wey dey vex for US.

But im talk say very soon US military go be di strongest wey people never see before.

After im list international criminal networks wey dey traffic drugs, weapons and people as some of di wahala country dem dey face for dia border, Trump say UN members must all "respect di interests of dia own people and di rights wey other independent country get."

Di US president add say, come rain, come sun, as long as im be President, im go defend America interests above every other country.

Im chook mouth on top country dem wey get strict powers say as dem dey go, e be like say dem wan scatter di values, systems, and agreement to avoid wahala since after World War 2.

Trump say America go stop wetin im call "radical Islamic terrorism because dem no go allow dat kain tin to tear up dia country or tear up di whole world."

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