DR Congo: Flood don kill 10 people

Some people drown as di rain dey fall for DR Congo Image copyright ROBERTO SCHMIDT
Image example Some people drown as heavy rain dey fall for DR Congo

E pass 10 people wey don die inside flooding wey happen for Democratic Republic of Congo, on Wednesday.

Heavy rain don cause flooding for di North Kivu province.

Provincial spokeswoman, Marie Shematsi, talk say 100 people dey miss, while dem don fit save seven people.

Authorities say di rain start since Tuesday 19 September, and some rivers don full pass di capacity wey dem fit hold.

For August, up to 150 people na im still die, when massive mudslide happen for di country.

Serious flooding plus heavy rain don dey happen for countries inside Africa and experts dey feel say dis one na because of climate change.

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