Where be Nambia? President Trump don 'invent' African country

Donald Trump PLUS President Uhuru Kenyatta, Alpha Conde and Nigeria Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo Image copyright AFP
Image example President Trump bin also meet African leaders for G7 summit for May

"Nambia health system dey increasingly self-sufficient." Dis na wetin US President Donald Trump talk wen im dey chop lunch wit leaders from African countries for New York on Wednesday.

But come, where Nambia dey for Africa? E no dey.

Maybe di US President dey talk about Namibia? Abi na Zambia or Gambia?

People wey dey social media no waste time enter to talk dia own for di matter.

Image example Dis tweet say "Namibia (n) Country for global south wey dem create for 2017 between Namibians, Zambians and Gambians."

Some people carry di laugh-laugh matter far, begin dey ask which kain flag di new country "Nambia" go get:

Image example Dis one dey ask: "Wetin Nambia flag go look like?"
Image example Dis person write say: "Research don show say Covfefe na Nambia biggest export."
Image copyright TWITTER/CHAD
Image example "You go pass through Wakanada to reach Nambia," na wetin dis person write on top di matter
Image example Dis na di map of di real country of Namibia

Namibia President Hage Geingob dey wen Oga Trump talk dis one, but im never join mouth put for di matter.

Some people still enter Twitter vex on top wetin President Trump talk say Africa get "tremendous business potential."

Dem no like as Mr Trump say: "I get plenty friend wey dey visit una country to make money. I hail una, dem dey spend plenty money."

Image example 'My padi-padi dey go your country to make money.' na wetin Trump talk

Other people carry mouth support Mr Trump say na mistake im make. Dem say na "Namibia" im wan talk and wetin im talk about business make sense.

Image copyright TWITTER/MICHELLE
Image example "Many of una no know Namibia until Trump make mistake; no claim say you know am," na wetin dis woman talk

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