North Korea: US don announce new sanctions

President Trump talk say North Korea leader- Kim Jong-un na "rocket man." Image copyright AFP/GETTY IMAGES
Image example President Trump talk say North Korea leader- Kim Jong-un na 'rocket man'

US President Donald Trump don give details of di latest sanctions wey dem wan pack on top North Korea head,

"Today I dey announce new executive order, wey I just sign, wey go expand our authority to target companies, financial institutions, wey dey put money and support to trade with North Korea," na wetin Trump tell tori people before meeting wey e go get with di leaders of Japan and South Korea.

"Our new executive order go cut off di money wey dey fund North Korea efforts to make di deadliest weapons wey all human beings don know."

President Trump say North Korea textile, fishing, information technology, and manufacturing industries dey among those wey United States fit target.

Im say di U.S. Treasury Department go get di power to sanction foreign banks wey dey do any waka wey concern trade with North Korea.

But Trump no take mouth mention North Korea oil trade.

Korea don reply Trump

Meanwhile, North Korea top diplomat don say di speech wey United State President Donald Trump give for di United Nation General Assembly(UNGA) na "di sound of a barking dog."

Foreign Minister Ri Yong comment na im be di first official reply wey North Korea don give to di speech of President Trump.

Mr Ri tell reporters near di UN headquarters inside New York say: "E get one saying wey people dey talk like dis: 'Even wen dogs bark, di parade go still go on'. If [Trump] dey think to surprise us with di sound of dog wey dey bark, then e really dey dream."

Im say North still continue to develop di nuclear and weapons programmes, even as UN don ban dem.

Trump: US go "totally destroy" North Korea

Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Dis na Donald Trump first major speech for di United Nations.

How other world Leaders don react?

  • Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallstrom tell BBC say: " Dis na di wrong speech, for di wrong time, to di wrong audience."
  • Venezuela Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza say: "Trump no be di president of di world... e no even fit manage im own government."
  • Bolivian President Evo Morales - wey be ally of di Venezuelan government tweet say: "I no dey surprise say multi-millionaire like Trump dey attack socialism. Our struggle go always be ideological and pragmatic."
  • Iran foreign minister talk say: "Trump ignorant hate speech belong to old-old times" and no be di UN.
  • French President Emmanuel Macron, also speak for di UN General Assembly, e no support wetin Trump talk; Macron talk say di nuclear deal with Iran dey "important for peace" and im country "no go close any door to dialogue" with North Korea.
  • Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel agree with wetin Trump talk, e say President Trump talk di truth about di big danger wey dey face di world.
Image copyright Netanyahu twitter account
Image example Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel, wey clap for Mr. Trump speech about Iran, praise am well-well wen e reach e turn to speak .

Some of di things wey US President Trump talk for im speech

President Trump talk say im go destroy North Korea "totally," if dem pose as threat to countries wey dey close to di United State of America- wey bi their allies. E also call North Korea leader Kim Jong-un "Rocket man" wey dey on a suicide mission for himself and im regime.

President Trump say Iran na "corrupt dictatorship" wey dey pretend say dem dey practice democracy" and "their main export na violence, bloodshed, and palava."

Mr Trump also target Venezuela, e call their government corrupt "socialist dictatorship," wey don give terrible pain and suffering to di good people of dat country and e give warning say di United State dey prepare to take action against di government.

Another thing we de for inside dis tori