New way don dey to prevent HIV

Clinical trials to test di antibody for people body go start next year. Image copyright SPL
Image example Clinical trials wey be say scientist go test di antibody on top people, go start next year; dis picture show how HIV virus look under microscope

Scientists for di United States don come up with antibody wey go attack 99% of HIV strains (dat na almost all di type of HIV wey dey world) and dis one fit bring new way to treat or prevent di deadly virus.

Dem say dem first test am for monkey body and e dey successful.

Dis one wey scientist don build so, no dey like di natural antibodies wey dey fight disease di human being bodi. Dem build am to attack three important part of di virus, so dat e go dey hard for HIV to dodge am.

Our bodi dey struggle to fight HIV because di virus get extraordinary ability to change im appearance up and down. So di immune system wey dey defend di body from attack go come begin dey fight against plenty-plenty strains, or type of HIV.

Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Dis sign dey tell people how dem go fit avoid HIV and AIDS by demsef through di ABC method.

Di research wey scientist do to bring out dis result, na join-hand work between di United State National Institute of Health, and Pharmaceutical company wey be Sanofi.

Professor Linda-Gail Bekker wey be di president of di International Aids Society, tell BBC say dis work na correct "breakthrough" wey make dem dey happy. E say dem go start to try am for human being bodi, next year 2018 to see if e go fit prevent or treat HIV

"As a doctor for Africa, I feel how e dey urgent to confirm dis findings for human being body as soon as possible," na wetin she talk.

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