UK: No licence for Uber to operate for London

One analyst talk say TfL decision don give big opportunity to those minicab company to win back customers Image copyright PA
Image example One analyst talk say TfL decision don give big opportunity to those minicab company to win back customers

Transport for London (TfL) shock many people today, when dem announce say Uber no dey "fit and proper" to get London private hire operator licence.

Dem say dem take di decision because of "public safety and how e fit affect security matter."

Their concerns include di way Uber take dey do background checks on drivers and di way dem dey report serious criminal offences.

Uber current licence go run until 30 September; dem get 21 days to appeal against TfL decision and dem go fit continue to operate while any appeals dey on.

According to di statement wey Uber carry come out, dem say: "Transport for London and di Mayor don listen to small number of people wey no want consumer to get choice."

Dem say e show di world say London no dey open to companies wey dey bring change.

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Image example Taxi drivers don dey campaign against Uber since, say dem dey go go slow and dem no dey do enough to control dia drivers.

Uber general manager for London wey be Tom Elvidge talk say: "To defend all di drivers wey dey use Uber take dey find their daily bread, and di choice of plenty-plenty Londoners who dey use our app, we dey plan to challenge dis decision for court immediately."

E say Uber dey operate for more than 600 cities around di world, including more than 40 towns and cities wey dey for di UK.

About 3.5 million passengers and 40,000 drivers na im dey use di Uber app for London.

How people don react for London

Plenty people don dey react differently on top dis Uber matter. Celebrities, Uber drivers and those wey dey use am don talk their own.

Image copyright KathyBurke/Twitter
Image example I still like to dey use Uber sometimes, na wetin dis person talk
Image copyright Piers Morgan/Twitter
Image example Na very good day for London black cab community and dey deserve am na wetin dis celebrity talk
Image copyright katie Hopkins/Twitter
Image example Dis person dey congratulate di taxi drivers
Image copyright Mx james le lacheur/Twitter
Image example Dis decision na victory, na wetin dis man talk
Image copyright Duncan James/Twitter
Image example Di decision surprise some people.

One driver with Uber for London talk say e no think say dis na fair decision. E say Uber dey offer easy plan, and im dey allow people dey make money every week.

Meanwhile Uber don pass though some challenge before for some Africa countries. For March dis year, taxi drivers inside South Africa do protest against di company, where dem block airport roads, while Uber drivers also suffer attack where drivers for Kenya put fire for dia car.

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