'Super malaria' dey cause fear for South East Asia as e dey spread

Mosquito Image copyright Science Photo Library
Image example Malaria na parasite wey dey spread through blood sucking mosquitoes.

Di way "super malaria" dey spread for South East Asia na serious problem for world. Dis na wetin scientists dey warn.

Dem still draw ear say di sickness fit spread come Africa too.

Dis dangerous form of malaria parasite no fit die even wehn dem treat am with di main anti-malaria medicine.

E start for Cambodia but e don spread go parts of Thailand, Laos and now e don land for southern Vietnam.

Di team for Oxford Tropical Medicine Research Unit for Bangkok say e dey possible say dis kain malaria fit no get treatment.

Professor Arjen Dondorp wey be di head for di unit, tell BBC News say: "we feel say e say na serious threat."

"Di way di strain dey spread for di region we dey fear say e fit spread far, even jump go Africa."

About 212 million people na im dey infected with malaria every year. Malaria na parasite wey dey spread through blood sucking mosquitoes and e dey kill pickin dem well-well.

Professor Dondorp say di treatment dey fail around a third of di time for Vietnam, while for some regions for Cambodia di failure rate dey close to 60%.