North Korea just test nuclear weapon?

News of the earthquake was broadcast in Seoul, South Korea Image copyright AFP
Image example Tori people for South Korea say na earthquake happen for North Korea

Strong magnitude 3.4 earthquake wey bi say ground shake well-well don happen for North Korea.

Di thing happen about 50km (31 miles) from one nuclear test site, na wetin sabi people talk.

All di before-before quake where earth don shake na because of weapon tests.

Chinese scientists say dem suspect say na "explosion" but South Korea say e fit just bi natural disaster, na im cause am, not nuclear test.

Meanwhile, di US Geological Survey (USGS) say dem never ft talk wetin cause di earthquake.

Na on 3 September na im North Korea do one big nuclear test sotay e vex plenty world leaders and dem condemn di country for di United Nations (UN).

Tori be say di size of today tremor dey small pass di earthquakes wey don happen because of all di six nuclear tests wey North Korea don do.

Even as nobodi fit say why do ground shake, na different explanation sabi people from North Korea don suggest, including say di tunnels fits don collapse for di testing areas dem.

South Korea say dem believe say dis quake dey natural because di kain sound wey artificial earthquake dey make, no happen for here.

Experts from di Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Organization say dem sef dey put eye on top di matter, as di quake happen like 50km from di nuclear weapons testing ground.

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Image example North Korea leader, Kim Jong-Un, no gree listen to wetin world leaders dey talk about im nuclear programme

As all dis one dey happen, North Korea don refuse to stop dem missile and nuclear tests, even as UN don do plenty sanctions and world leaders don tell dem to stop.

Di country leaders say North Korea must get nuclear power to protect imself from other countries wey wan destroy dem.

Na still today China say dem don begin move to reduce North Korea oil supply dem go still stop to buy textiles from dem, because China wan follow di latest UN sanctions.

Earlier, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov say US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un be like two pickin wey dey fight for kindergarten.

Di two leaders bin don abuse demself well-well; Mr Trump call Jong-un suicidal "rocket man" and dat one call am "mentally deranged" back.

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