US: Why we fly bomb plane over N Korea

US Air Force B-1B Lancer Image copyright US Pacific Command
Image example Di US bomber planes fly over North Korea east coast, as tension don dey rise between di two countries.

US bomber planes dem don fly near North Korea east coast well-well, to let di Asian country know say military options dey to win any battle, na wetin Pentagon talk.

Di Pentagon na di headquarters of di US Department of Defense, and e dey Virginia.

Na dem say di flight go far for north of one area wey dey between North Korea and South Korea, and dis na the farthest distance wey any US fighter jet or bomber don fly since di 21st Century.

Tensions don dey rise well-well, after Pyongyang dem nuclear programme.

Na for di United Nations na im North Korea foreign minister say US President Donald Trump dey on top "suicide mission."

Ri Yong-ho im word to di UN General Assembly be like di same thing wey Mr Trump talk for di UN on Tuesday, when im say North Korean leader Kim Jong-un na "rocket man on suicide mission."

Mr Ri still say "insults" by Mr Trump na big "mistake" wey fit mean say North Korean rockets fit hit di US mainland.

North Korea just test nuclear weapon?

Di foreign minister add say Mr Trump go "pay dearly" for im speech, where e say e go "totally destroy" North Korea if the US dey forced to defend demself, or other countries wey dem support, as allies.

Na just before Mr Ri talk im own, na im di Pentagon announce say dis their latest show of force show di "seriousness" wey US don use take look North Korea anyhow behaviour; Pentagon say North Korea weapons programme na dangerous threat.

"Dis mission go demonstrate say US don ready; na clear message say di president get many military options to defeat any threat," na wetin Pentagon talk for statement.

"We dey prepared to use everything wey our military get, to defend di US homeland and our allies."

Dis flight dey come after di leaders of both countries don insult demsef well-well for public.

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