Germany: Wetin make Merkel 'market' still dey sell?

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Image example Election campaign billboard claim say di German Chancellor and her party dey "effective for Germany."

Since 2005 wey she first win election become German Chancellor, Angela Merkel don turn to di most powerful woman and leader for Europe.

Today, latest tori be say she don begin dey plan to form new coalition government with opposition parties.

On Sunday 24 September na im she win election to remain inside office for another four years; dis one mean say Ms Merkel be di longest serving leader inside Europe .

Dis one dey happen for time when people all over di whole wan change dia leaders.

So di question be say: na wetin dey make Merkel market still dey sell since 2005?

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Image example Di politician like to always meet with small pickin dem

According to wetin experts wey sabi Merkel talk:

  • She be di type of leader wey people for Germany dey look for. Tori be say for Germany, di people want person wey fit keep dia system dey work for long time, person wey dem go fit predict and make dem comfortable. Former Ambassadors wey sabi German politics Volker Stanzel and John Kornblum talk say Merkel dey give her people all dis kind tins. In fact, dem say German people don know say Merkel na tough woman, and she know where she dey go.
  • She get strong mind: Sabi people say di way wey Ms Merkel dey fit take strong decision mean say she no get any serious competition now for German politics, because she don kill di ambition of plenty men wey tink say dem fit become Chancellor, since she siddon inside office. According to Stanzel, even former chancellor Helmut Kohl, before im die, feel say Ms Merkel betray am.
  • She dey like to help foreigners, especially Africa: Before 2005 Germany still dey for some people mind as place wey total strangers dey fear to enter because of discrimination and racism, but with Merkel, Africa dey always on di agenda for Europe. Na July during di G20 Summit na im she tell world leaders say world's richest countries must open economic ties with Africa. "Africa na our neighbour," na wetin she talk at di end of di Summit.
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Image example German Chancellor Angela Merkel dey talk to leaders of her party Christian Democrat (CDU) after she win di 24 September election.
  • She dey see far - into di future of Germany. Merkel na person wey dem say dey do tins to avoid damage and she dey see things wey fit spoil, even before things begin spoil. Example for dis matter: na she be one of di first leaders wey warn US President Donald Trump to careful with di wey im dey run tins, she also warn international community say plenty tins fit begin worse for terrorism matter, unless countries come together.
  • How she dey handle women matter don make Germans give her nickname 'Mutti,' wey mean Mummy. For Germany, she dey always quick support laws wey dey protect and respect women.
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Image example Angela Merkel na one of di most respected women for di world
  • Merkel dey do tins wey bin no dey possible for Germany: Na she be one of the first woman to dey head of political party wey men plenty pass, she be di first East German wey dey head di main West German political party, and she be di daughter of one priest for Lutheran Church, but she dey head party wey Catholic people plenty pass.
  • Her character na another reason. She dey responsible well-well, sotay dis one almost risk her job when she decide to open Germany borders for refugees. Di experts say even if she no send people because she na hard woman, but she sabi make people laugh.

E be like many people for Germany know all dis thing, as na majority of about six million voters na im press hand, put her for seat German Chancellor until 2021.

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