US travel ban go include N Korea

International passengers at Washington Dulles International Airport Image copyright Reuters
Image example Passengers dey enter Washington international airport for July after Supreme Court bin put mouth for President Trump travel ban

United States don expand their travel ban wey don dey cause palava, to include people from North Korea, Venezuela and Chad.

Di White House say dem do dis one, after dem look information wey foreign governments don dey share.

Na President Donald Trump give official speech on top di matter, late on Sunday 24 September.

"To make America safe na my number one priority. We no go allow people wey we never fit confirm who dem be, to enter our country," na wetin President Trump talk.

Di ban on top Venezuelans dem head na only for government officials and their family members - these ones go fit get tough time if dem wan enter US.

Dis three new countries join five others from President Trump original travel ban: Iran, Libya, Syria, Yemen, and Somalia.

But one country own good small; America new decision don remove restrictions wey bin dey on top Sudan.

President Trump original ban bin don make plenty people vex, as e affect six countries where na Muslim plenty pass, and na so people all over di world begin call am di "Muslim ban."

Di original ban face many legal challenges for court and many people enter street protest against am well-well. Di matter still dey for front of US Supreme Court, and dem suppose progress on top di case for October. Di Supreme Court bin don reinstate part of di ban, for July.

Wetin next?

E never clear yet how di President new decision, wey don change many things, go waka for inside court and other legal matter dem.

Di American Civil Liberties Union rights group say even though US don add new countries to di ban, dis one "no fit cover di real truth say di government ban na still Muslim ban."

As dem add North Korea and Venezuela, e don be like no be all di countries wey dey di list be majority-Muslim.

Di reasons wey dem use take get dis new ban list don dey based on wetin dem call "vetting procedures and co-operation," and tori be say di bans dem na on a country-by-country basis:

  • Di White House say North Korea no join hand with di US government for anything and dem fail all requirements - so all citizens from di country dey banned from all travel to di US
  • Chad, even though dem be important counter-terrorism partner for US, no gree share terrorism-related and other public information wey US need - so business and tourist visas for all Chad people dey suspended
  • For Venezuela, na only "certain government officials and their immediate family members" don dey banned - US bin don hit Venezuela government with economic sanctions, and US now don say Venezuela no dey join hand "to check whether their citizens na national security or public-safety threats" and Venezuela no dey gree receive their citizens wey dem deport from US

Most of di restrictions dey come as come kain suspension of B-1 and B-2 business and tourist visas, and e no be like dem get time-limit, like how President Trump's former executive order bin dey.

Na for statement wey join President Trump decision, na im di White House say even though Iraq also suppose dey di same category, di country no dey inside di new ban, because of di "close, join-bodi relationship between di United States," and their part for di fight against terrorist group wey be di so-called Islamic State.

Di new ban dem go start from 18 October, but e no go affect those wey don already get valid visa, na wetin di White House talk.

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