Iraq: Kurdistan dey vote for Independence

Kurdish rally Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Kurdish population dey from 15-20% of Iraq population.

People wey fit vote for Kurdistan region for Iraq dey comot today to vote inside referendum to separate from di country.

Dis region dey autonomous-dat one one be say dem dey rule themself and na di Kurdish Regional government dey handle matter for di area.

But dis one dey happen Iraq prime minister, Haider al-Abadi don do warning say him go take "necessary measures" make di country no divide.

Iraq don already say make di region give di government control of all di international border wey dey dia side.

Dem also say make other countries no join to buy crude oil from di region as per oil na of di major things wey di region dey export.

Western countries also join mouth for di matter say di voting fit make fight-fight happen again and no go allow make dem concentrate to dey face so-called Islamic State.

Kurdistan dey recognised for Iraq constitution since 2005 and dia people say dem must vote even if di result no be by force dem use am.

E dey happen for Africa too

Some people dey call dis one Kexit just like Brexit when Britain do vote to leave European Union.

But even as Kurds dey do dis referendum vote, across di world other people dey say make dem do vote to separate form dia own country.

For Africa, Biafra for southern region of Nigeria wan separate, for their own country, just like for Cameroon where dem get Ambazonia.

For Cameroon, on September 22, na im people waka enter major towns and villages across di north west and south west dey protest say dem want new country wey be Ambazonia

  • People wey dey speak English dey find dia country separate from people wey dey speak French.
  • Dem dey call dia own region wey dey di southern part "Ambazonia."
  • For Buea, capital for di southwest region, people paint face blue plus white, dey shout say: "We want freedom!"

Di day before, for Nigeria, na im government declare di Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB) as terrorist group. Dis IPOB people sef want their own country, wey be Biafra

  • Since civil war wey happen 40 years ago, na im people dey say dem wan Biafra
  • For November 5, 2012 police arrest at least 100 people, charge dem for treason inside south-eastern Nigeria after dem enter street say dem support independence for Biafra.
  • Di people call demself di Biafran Zionist Movement, come raise di Biafran flag, dey waka through one major town wey bi Enugu. Government later release all dis people, drop di charges against dem.
  • Na for 2014 na im one man, Nnamdi Kanu form wetin im call di Indigenous People Of Biafra (Ipob)
  • Di movement dey for some states for south-east Nigeria, wey get mainly people from di Igbo ethnic group
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Image example Biafra people feel say Nigeria government no dey do dem well

And for Europe

Di same 21 September na im Spain police arrest 14 senior Catalan officials come seize ten million ballot papers, as people for di autonomous Catalonia region dey busy make dia own parliament

  • Catalonia dey find independence from Spain to form dia own country since 2010
  • Catalonia get im own language
  • For 6 September 2017, dem do dia own law to get dia own parliament
  • Catalans, wey bi people from Catalonia, dey plan Independence vote for October 1

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