North Korea: Wetin you sabi about di country?

A North Korean woman carries the national flag after a parade for the 'Day of the Sun' festival Image copyright EPA

Di Democratic People's Republic of Korea or North Korea as most sabi dem to be, dey on top plenty people tongue nowadays.

Dis na because of all di nuclear tests wey dem do and wey vex plenty countries.

United Nations don increase sanctions on top dia head.

But wetin you know about di country?

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When dem create North Korea?

Na September 9, 1948, na im dem create North Korea, after di end of Second World War, with another country wey be South Korea.

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Image example North Korea's first leader Kim Il-sung (left) and im son Kim Jong-il (right)

Who dey in charge?

Since 1948, na one family dey rule.

Kim Il-sung na di country first supreme leader. Im son, Kim Jong-il follow become leader after im papa die.

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For 2011, North Korea announce Kim Jong-un, wey be di son of Kim Jong-il, as dia new leader.

Wetin life dey like for there?

24 million people dey live for North Korea under communist rule.

People need permission to travel around and e dey difficult for visitor to enter di country too.

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Amnesty International report dey estimate about hundreds of thousands of people don go prison and labour camps, because dem disagree with government.

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Why people dey worry about North Korea?

North Korea dey make nuclear weapons.

Dis na against United Nations agreement wey all member countries sign.

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Image example US aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson dey patrol for sea near North Korea.

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