Iraqi Kurds: 5 things you suppose know

kurdistan prime minister and im wife dey vote Image copyright Getty/AFP
Image example Kurdistan Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani and im wife Nabila na top supporters of Independence for di region.

Thousands of people for di Kurdish region of northern Iraq don vote, as part of their first step to get independence from Baghdad.

Tori be say di Kurds dey expect result of di referendum wey dem do on 25 September fit be big "yes."

Plenty people come out, vote say dem wan waka leave Iraq go form dia own country.

Iraq electoral commission say people wey vote reach 72% of all those wey dey di Kurdish region.

Iraq: Kurdistan dey vote for Independence

Who dem be?

  • Kurd na di number four biggest clan for Middle East. Dia population na between 25 to 35 million and dem scatter for Syria, Iraq, Turkey, Armenia and Iran.
  • But na still di same people with di same culture and language; dia religion different, but most Kurds na Sunni Muslims.
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Image example Dis flag don tey; tori be say e fit be like since 1920 dem introduce am.

Wetin dem want?

  • As dia population small for di different countries wey dem dey, Kurds feel say dem don face oppression for many years.
  • Tori be say e don pass 80 years wey Kurd people begin look for dia own country.
  • After di disappointment wey dem get, after Othman Empire collapse for 1920, di people no gree give up.

How far dem don waka?

  • Kurdistan na Kurd autonomous region inside Iraq and e get im own military wey be Peshmerga; as things be, Iraqi army no fit enter dat region.
  • Kurd also get im own national flag and di flag no resemble Iraq dem flag at all.
  • Dem get currency wey dem don design for di country even though e never dey exist.
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Image example Na dis young man wey be Aso Mamzada design di Kurdistan money

Wetin world dey talk?

  • Iran and Turkey dey fear say dis referendum go make Kurds for inside dia own country to wan go join dia brothers.
  • Western Europe and America say dis no be good time to do referendum, because e go affect di fight to stop di so-called IS palava for di area.

Wetin dey ground now?

  • People don dey dance for road, even before di final result comot. Dem say once dem vote yes, e go give dem power to discuss how dem wan take waka.
  • But Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi say, dat one no possible because e dey unconstitutional and e go destabilise di country and region.

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