100 Women: Women fit change dis world inside one week?

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Di BBC dis award-winning 100 Women news season don come back and e dey dey full of women wey dey do new things for world.

So far, na only di first 60 names na im dem announce, including Nasa astronaut Peggy Whitson, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf of Liberia and England footballer Steph Houghton.

Di other 40 women name go dey added during di season dis October.

Di series dey happen every year - and e dey shine light on top matters wey dey affect women all over di world - dey encourage women to make change wey go better life for everybodi.

Other people wey tanda for di list na performance poet Rupi Kaur, Resham Khan wey survive acid attack and dancer and TV star Jin Xing.

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Too many plenty-plenty tori about harassment, inequality, and di way nobody dey see women for some area of society fit dey make people sad and like say dem no get power.

So we dey ask di women for dis year season to make things wey fit stop some of these inequalities wey dey mean say women no dey get di plenty opportunity for world.

For dis im fifth year, 100 Women go put eye for four matter dem: di glass ceiling, female illiteracy, street harassment and sexism in sport.

Wetin be 100 Women?

BBC 100 Women dey name 100 women wey get power and dey inspire people around di world every year. For 2017, we dey challenge dem to face four of di biggest problems wey women dey face - di glass ceiling, female illiteracy, harassment in public spaces and sexism in sport.

With your help, dem go dey make real-life solutions and we want you to put mouth, add your ideas. Find us for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, make you use #100Women

Some of di people on top di 100 Women list go work together for four different cities inside di four weeks of October to make something wey world never see before, wey go try to help people wey dey affected by dis problems.

Others go join-bodi and give encouragement from wherever dem dey all over di world.

Di final 40 names, go enter during di week, as more women waka join, come share dia own ideas and handwork.

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If 100 Women suceed well-well, e go be because women all over di world don help to shape how di world understand dis problems and why dem dey important.

Because dem don open mouth talk about one correct idea wey dem see. Or because na dem make something by demsef.

No be only just about ideas too- 100 Women go talk on top radio, online and for social media.

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Di glass ceiling challenge go dey for San Francisco, US, di female illiteracy challenge na for Delhi, India, di street harassment challenge go dey based for London with help from one team for Nairobi, Kenya and di sexism in sport go dey for Rio, Brazil - but di conversation must dey global and we wan hear from women all over di world.

"For 2015, women hold 150 debate dem inside 10 languages and 30 countries; for 2016, people add 450 women wey no make di list to Wikipedia, and now for 2017 we dey take di whole thing to new level of participation," na wetin 100 Women editor Fiona Crack talk.

"E go dey exciting but our mind go still dey up to see wetin these talented 100 go create, and if dem go fit do am inside one month."

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We get something to ginger you to begin think; look dis nine nine things you fit no know say na woman make am.

And see some of di global solutions people bin don make already, to solve health and safety problems wey dey worry women.

So talk to us on top social media, or you fit use di form for under. Find us on top Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and you fit use #100Women.

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