US-Mexico border wall don start

The border wall that bisects Tecate, Mexico and Tecate, California Image copyright EPA
Image example Part of the border fence wey tanda between Mexico and California, US

Di US government don announce say dem go start to build eight test versions of barriers for di border with Mexico; dis na one of di campaign promise dem of President Donald Trump.

Na di Customs and Border Protection say four of di versions of di wall dem go use concrete make am, while di rest go be from "alternate or other materials."

Dia plan na to try several parts of di wall near San Diego.

Mr Trump bin don promise to build one "big beautiful wall" between di countries.

With heavy federal and local security officers for ground, workers don start work inside area wey dey surrounded by chain link fencing for Otay Mesa dis na one of di three places wey person dey fit enter di San Diego-Tijuana metropolitan region.

Dis version of di wall go dey up to 30ft (9m) high and 30ft long and US say dem suppose finish am within 30 days.

Next thing na say officials fit spend up to three months dey check di designs if dem dey work well-well; including to check whether people fit chook a with small-small tools.

Cameras and sensors wey go fit monitor everything wey dey happen around di area for di wall go dey di final wall plan.

Each wall go cost reach $450,000 and na di federal government money wey dem don already arrange na im dem go use. But things never clear about di agreement about di first $1.5bn wey Mr Trump bin ask from lawmakers for Congress, to start to build di final wall.

During im campaign, Mr Trump bin talk say na Mexico go pay for di wall.

Image copyright AFP
Image example For here, dis na di fence for Playas de Tijuana

"We don put mind to make our border safe, and dat one include to make walls," na wetin Ronald Vitiello wey bi di acting deputy commissioner of di Customs and Border Protection agency talk.

"Our different strategy to make sure say American people dey secure include barriers, technology and people."

Na four companies dem don choose to build dis first version of di wall, but di fina thing go fit dey based on top join-bodi of different designs dem.

Di border agency say dis version go be part of future "design standards wey go fit continue to change, to meet di US Border Patrol we requirements."

Mr Trump say some part of di wall go dey transparent, so dat bags of drugs wey people dey troway fromMexico no go hit people wey dey di US side of di wall.

Im don also suggest say make dem cover some areas of di wall with solar panels.

But California attorney general don dey try to stop US plan to build dis border wall. Case wey dem carry go one federal district court for San Diego last week talk say di government don do pass demself and their authority because dem no put eye well on top environmental reviews and other laws.

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