United Kingdom no get measles again -WHO

Child getting measles vaccine Image copyright Jovanmandic

You fit still see small-small cases wey dey come from abroad but measles no dey for United Kingdom again.

World Health Organization (WHO) say measles don stop to dey spread for di country for di past threee years now.

Dis na how dem dey determine whether any country don eliminate di disease or whether e still dey.

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Di tori dey come after England announce say e don reach im target of 95% children to get dia first dose of measles, mumps and rubella vaccine before dey reach 5 years.

Di announcement no mean say dem don wipe out measles because last year na over 500 cases dey for England, many of di cases na from young people we go festivals.

But wetin dey important be say, di disease no go spread.

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'Na big thing'

Measles na serious disease wey dey spread from person to person. Na one of di main disease wey dey kill pickins pass for di world, even though vaccine dey available to stop am.

For 2015, over 134 000 pickins die from measles all over di world and most of dem be pickins wey no even reach 5-years-old.