Obituary: Hugh Hefner

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Hugh Hefner na political activist and philanthropist wey dey donate money well-well wey no only produce magazine but im produce lifestyle.

Before others open eye, im don enter di new generation of Americans wey dey chop life, dey jollificate, during di 1950s and 60s.

And di logo of Playboy famous rabbit wey dey wear bow-tie-wearing rabbit mean say Mr Hefner make one of di most popular brands of di 20th century, wey be say everybodi for world know am.

Na for Chicago, US dem born Hugh Marston Hefner, on 9 April 1926; im bi di son of two teachers wey get strong religious views.

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Image example Hefner timing of how im do things make sense

After e serve for US Army as writer, Hefner comot university with degree for psychology before e begin work as copywriter for di men's magazine, wey be Esquire.

For 1953, na so im borrow $8,000 to produce di first copy of Playboy. Hefner mind worry am say di magazine no go sell sotay e mo gree write date on top di cover.

Photographs na wetin start am

Hefner Mama add $1,000. "Not because she believe say di business make sense," Hefner talk, "but because she believe in her son."

Di first edition get some naked-naked photographs of actress Marilyn Monroe wey Hefner bin don buy for $200. Dem bin snap di photos dem for one 1949 calendar.

Na so things begin blow up.

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Image example American males begin read Hefner magazine like Bible

During di 1950s, di middle-class for Americ society dey always strong face, and so di way Hefner mix di photos of women with tori wey dey talk about serious matter na wetin many men like.

"I no ever think of am as sex magazine," na wetin Hefner talk later. "I always bin think of am as lifestyle magazine wey get sex as one important ingredient inside."

Playboy turn to big success, sotay dem sell pass 50,000 copies within weeks. Hefner really find new place inside market for men's magazines dem; wey bin dey talk more about just hunting, shooting and fishing periodicals.

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Image example Hefner no put date on top di magazine first copy, in case e no sell

Di second copy come show with di bow-tie-wearing rabbit, wey di magazine art director Art Paul create. Dis logo pass from here begin appear on top different products from Playboy over di next decades.

Na for 1955 Hefner publish short story from writer Charles Beaumont, wey dey talk about men wey dey follow only women play love (heterosexuals), wey don dey face palava for world where e be like more of di men be homosexuals; dis ma men wey like to follow men play love.

Writing wey put eye for world matter

Na so plenty people begin write vex letter to Playboy. Hefner reply say: "If e dey wrong to dey fight heterosexuals inside homosexual society, then to do di same thing back dey wrong too."

As years pass, Hefner begin open mouth, dey support marriage between man and man, or man and woman (same-sex marriage). Im say na "fight for all our rights."

Hefner way for di magazine dey follow all di things wey dey change dat time for society, as Playboy put mouth well-well dey ask for liberal drug laws and right for women to do abortion, if dem wan comot belle.

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Image example Di Playboy clubs climb on top di success of di magazine

Hefner dey sharp

For di next 20 years, Playboy rule di market, sotay e reach over seven million copies wey dey people hand one time for di early 1970s, when sabi people say e reach one-quarter of all di male college students for America dey buy di magazine.

Na so Hefner use dis success build di first Playboy club for Chicago in 1960, and na there im introduce di Playboy bunny waitresses., wey be ladies wey wear sexy cloth.

By dis time, Hefner dey live large, with two Playboy mansions; na so-so celebrities and beautiful young girlfriends dey follow am everywhere - dem dey even fly up and down for im personalised plane wey Hefner call Di Big Bunny.

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Image example Di Big Bunny na Hefner personal plane, wey show say im really dey live large

Dem name rabbit after Hefner

No be everybodi like Playboy magazine; some people dey protest from time to time, say di magazine too full of photos wey too dey show woman bodi dem.

As Hefner sef dey old dey go, people dey laugh am well-well, say im be elderly man wey too dey surround insef with beautiful young women.

But Hefner sef get people sef wey dey support am; because e dey donate money well-well to organisations wey dey look after animals, scientists gather, name one type of rabbit after am.

Di rabbit na Sylvilagus palustris hefneri, be di name.

For America, Hefner dey popular for di way e dey give plenty money sef to di Democratic Party, including to Hillary Clinton presidential campaign wey she do last year.

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Image example Playboy magazine get many peope wey no like am, including some people wey dey vex because dem feel say wetin dey inside no follow their religion

'Na me lucky pass'

After e get small stoke for 1985, Hefner make im daughter Christie di chief executive officer of Playboy Enterprises; and she change many things for di business before she comot for 2009.

For 2014, Hefner son wey be Cooper, wey dey almost 40 years younger than Christie, enter big office for di company i.

Starting with di March 2016 copy, na im Playboy magazine, stop to dey show women wey naked from up to down.

Then for August 2016, na im one of Hefner im neighbour announce say im don buy di Playboy mansion for $100 million, and di arrangement be say Hefner go continue to stay there until im die.

But one thing wey everybody go remember Hefner for an wetin im once talk: "I be liek picking wey dey inside shop wey sweet dey plenty-plenty...I bin dream impossible dream, and dis dreams turn out pass wetin me I ever fit imagine. Na me lucky pass for dis planet."

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Image example You no go fit ever see Hefner for public without plenty people, wey surround am

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