India farmers say dem no want 24-hour light

Rice farm for India Image copyright F. Fiondella (IRI/CCAFS)

Our people say "everybody get wetin dey bother dem." While some countries for Africa dey pray for 24-hours light, farmers from di south Indian state of Telangana dey cry say make di government stop to dey give dia villages 24-hour light.

Di reason why dem dey bring dis demand, na because of fear say e go cause too much pumping of ground water and di land go come dry quick-quick.

Image copyright M. Defreese/CIMMYT

One farmer -Yerram Anjireddy follow BBC talk say: "Na boreholes all of us dey depend on for farming, di 24-hour light supply na big threat to our future."

Di government been announce for July say dey wan give 24-hour electricity to three districts for di state.

But farmers talk say dey want make di government give dem light for only nine hours a day.

Many of di farmers get pumping machine wey dey arrange inside di water pump to automatically begin pump water wen di light dey steady for long time.

Image copyright Meera'rah
Image example India na big farming country and na wetin plenty people dey do, like dis farmer for Bihar state

But farmers say even if dem try to off dia pumping machine, di water for ground go fit still dry because other farmers fit no off dia own.

Officials tell BBC say dem don dey receive di same request from villages wey dey across di three districts of Medak, Nalgonda and Karimnagar, where plenty-plenty farmers wen reach almost a million dey.

Although di government never officially announce whether dem go reduce di light supply from 24 hours or not, but one official tell BBC say dem don reduce di light to 12 hours a day.

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