Social media 'Terms and Conditions' made easy!

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You dey read terms and conditions when you wan open social media account? Well, for England, set of guides wey fit help pickin dem to know di rights wey dem get when dem enter social media don come out.

Children's Commissioner for England, Anne Longfield talk say social media sites no dey do enough to explain how dia polices dey work.

She use one privacy law firm to help am make di information easy for people to understand.

For Instagram, dem carry terms and conditions wey been dey 17 pages press am make e enter one page.

But social media sites don come out to talk say dat one no go fit work, as to reduce di size of dia terms and condition go make am harder to understand and fit comot some important things wey dey inside.

Image example Dis na di things wey you fit do when you dey social media according to di Children Commision for England

Dem press down di terms and conditions because of report wey di Commissioner do on "Growing Up Digital".

Di report talk say most pickin dem no understand wetin dem dey sign when dem wan create social media account.

Longfield say make di UK government try put di European Union 'General Data Protection Regulation' wey talk say all di companies wey dey do digital work wey children fit dey use, must to make dia policies easy so dat e go dey simple for pickin to understand by 2018.

She also talk say e go make di social media sites to dey more transparent.

Wetin social media sites talk?

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Di picture sharing social media site, talk say di pressed down version of dia terms and conditions get some errors for inside.

And dem also write for statement say "e dey wrong to dey suggest say we dey share young people personal information wey dem post for our site for advertisers without say we ask dem first. And we no dey share di information of who people dey message."

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Talk talk woman for Facebook say di tools wey dem get like Parents Portal, Privacy Basics Tool and Safety Center dey easy to understand for both di pickin wey dey use di program and di parents wey dey use am.

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Snapchat talk say dia terms and conditions as well as dia privacy policy dey easy to understand as dem don comot all di legal big grammar from inside.

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For YouTube, Katie O'Donovan, dia public policy manager talk say di company dey always look for ways to improve di way wey dem dey explain dia policy and go work with di commissioner to improve.

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