India: Stampede for Mumbai railway station don kill 22 people

Relatives of di people wey die and wound for di stampede. Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Na from hospital di families of di stampede victims take hear di news.

Stampede wey happen for one footbridge for Mumbai railway station for India don kill 22 people, come still wound 30 join.

Officials say e happen for morning time for Elphinstone station as plenty people just dey rush to try take cover from very heavy rain wey dey fall.

Dem don carry di people wey wound go hospital and senior railway officials don already dey di area.

One eye witness wey follow AFP tori people talk, say dem put everybody wey wound inside motor, police vans and ambulance as dem dey try carry dem go hospital sharp sharp.

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Wetin really happen?

"Di thing happen as heavy rain begin fall for Mumbai and passengers come take cover for di footbridge," Indian Railway spokesman Ravindra Bhakar talk.

"People wey dey front come fall and plenty people begin fall on top demself, come make stampede happen," im add.

"We don confirm say 22 people don die; 14 men and eight women... E reach like 32 passengers wey wound."

Akash Koteja wey follow for di people wey wound talk say: "Trains just dey pass and some people bin dey try comot for di station but others no gree give dem chance. When some people try force dia way, e cause stampede."

How Indian leaders dey react?

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi write for Twitter say: "My deep sorry to all di people wey die for di stampede for Mumbai. Prayers for di people wey wound."

Him also talk say India Railway Minister Piyush Goyal dey Mumbai to put eye for di matter.

Devendra Fadnavis wey be di chief minister of Maharashtra state, wey be capital of Mumbai don announce say dem go give money to di families of di people wey die.

Im also say dem go pay hospital bill of those wey get wound and say dem go take "strict action" on top di people wey cause di stampede.

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