North Korea and US 'get direct contact' - Tillerson

U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson (L) dey shake hand with Chinese President Xi Jinping (R) before dia meeting on September 30, 2017 for Beijing, China. Image copyright Reuters
Image example Rex Tillerson dey China to meet with President Xi Jingping and other top officials

US dey get "direct contact" with North Korea. Na so Secretary of State Rex Tillerson talk.

Tillerson say Washington dey "check" whether e dey possible to talk with Pyongyang, "so stay tuned".

"We get lines to use take talk with Pyongyang," im talk during trip for China. "We no dey for dark situation."

North Korea and US don dey point each other finger for chest for months now, but nobody bin know say both countries get ways wey dem use dey talk for backyard.

US President Donald Trump don threaten to cancel North Korea from dis world, wey come make Kim Jong Un to write statement say im go "take fire take cool di head of di US man wey head no correct".

All dis talk talk dey happen after North Korea do missile tests, and for 3 September, dem successfully package hydrogen bomb wey dem fit load for long-range missile.

Tillerson dey for China dey meet with President Xi Jinping and other officials, and im dey hope to encourage dem to implement sanctions.

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Image copyright Reuters

Last month, Trump bin say "to talk no be di answer".

But reports bin dey say di two countries dey talk to each other for back.

According to tori people for AP, di countries don dey talk for backyard for years now, with "diplomatic contact...from time to time", between person wey dey represent US for North Korea and "one senior North Korea diplomat for di country UN mission".

Tillerson bin don hint before say e get way wey di two countries go take talk, AP add.

Most people know say Sweden dey negotiate with North Korea on behalf of Washington.

Di Swedish Foreign Ministry no gree talk anything on top dis one.

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