Spain: Catalonia don begin ''vote'' to comot

Protest for street ontop Catalan referendum Image copyright Chris McGrath/Getty Images
Image example Catalan people don dey wan commot from Spain for 5 years now.

Police and people don face each other as di election whether to stay or comot from Spain, start for Catalonia.

Di Spanish government and di constitutional court don ban dis independence election say e dey illegal.

Di government don vow say dem go stop am from taking place.

Tori be say plenty police vehicle from regional capital Barcelona dey di area and government also send officers to make sure say di election no hold.

But di organisers of di separation election encourage people to come out to vote and defend dia vote too.

Thousands of people too come out come vote.

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Why Catalonia wan commot?

Di population of Catalonia na 7.5 million for di north eastern part of Spain.

Dem get money well well and dem also get dia own language and culture.

Although dem dey do dia own thing, dem no dey recognised as a separate nation under di Spanish constitution.

Di agitation to comot Spain don dey ground for like five years now but di people wey want make Spain remain as e be, say Catalonia dey already enjoy freedom to do dia own thing well well.

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Image example Barcelona football club dey for Catalonia

Why Madrid no wan hear am?

Spanish prime minister Mariano Rajoy talk say di vote dey against di constitution wey talk about di unity of Spain for all Spanish people.

Di central government talk say Catalan government no wan compromise and say dem dey one sided.

Catalan nationalists talk say na lie say di description fit Madrid.

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