Austria don ban full-face veil for public places dem

Picture of Swiss woman wey wear niqab Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Some countries for Europe na im don stop women from wearing dis full-veil, while others still dey reason whether to follow do ban

New law wey dey stop Muslim women to dey wear veil wey cover all dia face don enter full effect for Austria. Di government say di law na to protect values for Austria.

Dis law go make sure say people face go show from their hairline to their jaw.

Di law dey ban Muslim veils like di type wey dem dey call burka or niqab. Apart from dat one, di law dey also restrict how people dey use medical face masks and clown makeup.

Government for Austria say dis law dey happen before election wey dem go do for di country later dis month and e fit get plenty support from di Freedom Party.

Muslim groups don condemn di law, say Muslims wey even dey wear di full-face veil no plenty at all for Austria. Na just 150 women wey dey wear di burka for Austria.

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Officials for tourism say dis law fit make visitors from di Gulf no dey too come Austria again.

France and Belgium na two other countries wey don also ban burka for 2011, while lawmakers for Dutch parliament dey also debate dis same law.

Angela Merkel wey be Germany their Chancellor say anywhere wey e dey "legally possible," make dem ban di full-face veil for Germany.

Wetin be niqab or burka?

Niqab na veil for face wey dey leave only di eye area open. Some people dey wear am with separate eye veil. People dey also wear niqab with headscarf.

Burka na di veil wey dey cover pass, for all di Islamic veils. Dis kain veil dey cover everywhere for bodi and face, with just small net opening wey person fit see through.

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