Catalonia pictures: Palava as 760 people don injure

Latest figures from Catalonia officials na say at least 760 people don injure inside fight-fight as heavy police operation cause palava.

Authorities for Spain dey try stop Catalonia from vote wey dem wan do to take get Independence from Spain.

Even though Spain constitutional court ban di vote, people come out for Catalonia, and na here na im palava start as dem nack head with security forces.

Emergency services for Catalonia dey treat people wey carry injury, as police use force enter polling stations, begin seize ballot boxes.

Di Spanish interior ministry say na 11 police officers sef don injure too.

Warning: Some of di pictures wey you wan begin see dey show things wey dey follow fight-fight, wey you fit no like

Image copyright EPA
Image example Na national riot police carry dis woman comot from crowd wey gather outside school for Barcelona
Image copyright EPA
Image example Plenty people dey vex, outside dis polling centre for Girona
Image copyright EPA
Image example Spanish National Police seize dis ballot box during raid for di Cappont area wey dey Lleida
Image copyright UGC
Image example Peraon wey dey ground for Barcelona send dis photo to BBC tori person Tom Burridge - tori be say di man waka jam fight-fight for one polling station
Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Officers from di Guardia Civil dey try to stop dis people, make dem no vote for di Catalonia referendum

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