Paris don experiment with 'car free day'

One pickin wey dey ride bicycle wey dey use cardboard take arrange am like car for Place de la Bastille during a 'car free' day. Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Different people come with different ways to take move for Place de la Bastille.

Authorities for di city of Paris ban motor make dem no move inside di streets for one day as dem declare Sunday 1st October as 'car free day'.

Officials for di city encourage people wey dey stay for Paris and tourists to use bike or stroll with leg through di city for di 'car free day' wey go fight against pollution.

Image copyright Getty Images
Image example People dey waka down di Champs Elysees avenue during di 'car free' day for Paris on October 1, 2017.

Paris bin don first experiment with car-free days two times before but dis Sunday own mark di first time wey dey hand over di whole city to people wey dey use leg trek, those wey dey ride bicycle and roller-bladers.

Only emergency motor, buses and taxis dem allow for di streets from 11am for morning reach 6pm for evening.

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Image example One man wey dey ride bicycle wey dem dey call 'streamlined bicycle' during di car free' day.

Di mayor for di city - Anne Hidalgo tell Le Parisien newspaper say: "Dis plan need plenty amount of preparation, especially because dis year dem extend di zone to di whole of Paris."

Di mayor wey be socialist, dem elect am for 2014 and e promise say e go take care of pollution matter inside di capital.

Since wey she enter, her focus na to build new bus and cycle lane, sotey some people begin criticise her plan say she dey against cars.

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Image example People wey dey ride bicycles pass di Palais de Justice for Paris.

Di Paris city transport official - Christophe Najdovski talk say di reason for dis na to enjoy di city in a different way.

One woman wey dey stay for Paris talk say "I see dis plan as new change, even though I dey stay for Paris. I think say e dey really nice, and plenty security dey so I no fear at all."

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