Las Vegas shooting: Di killer 'dey sick' - Trump

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Image example Police say dis shooting na im dey deadly pass for US history

President Donald Trump don describe di gunman wey kill 59 people, still injure another 527 inside Las Vegas on Sunday as man wey "sick and dey demented."

President Trump mean say di man no dey with im correct sense.

Im bin dey speak for di White House; im say e go put eye for di country gun laws "as time dey go" but im no talk pass so.

Police don identify di gunman as 64-year-old Stephen Paddock, wey open fire begin kill people anyhow for concert - im bin dey shoot from di 32nd floor of di Mandalay Bay Hotel.

Police say di suspect kill imself before dem fit reach im hotel room.

Dem don find 23 guns for im hotel room, as well as "wetin plenty pass" 19 firearms and explosives for im Nevada house.

But as e be now, no clear reason dey for di killing. Dis na wetin police dey try find out.

Wetin happen?

Thousands of people bin waka go jollificate for country music festival late on 1 October for outside, near di Las Vegas strip.

Tori be say di first gunshots bin happen after 2200 local time (0500 GMT).

Di gunman start to fire from di 32nd floor of di Mandalay Bay Hotel before police dem shoot am, come kill am.

People wey dey ground say na hundreds of bullet na im di man fire, and dem hear di sound of automatic gunfire.

Na with plenty fear na im people run from di venue, as dem dey try find where go dey safe.

Police say tori about other shoot-shoot wey happen for different parts of di Las Vegas strip no dey true at all.

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Las Vegas shooting: Stephen Paddock kill over 50 people

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